Sunday Coffee Corner: PSA

This is not a full length blog post, but rather a public service announcement about a brand new series I will be starting next Sunday! I have decided that I am going to start posting every Sunday in a series I have deemed, Sunday Coffee Corner. In which I post an uplifting news story from the previous week!

Instead of all the bad vibe bullshit that we all see on the news, I wanted to bring some light back into my small corner of the world. And without having your official opinions, I made the executive decision that you all could use some too!

If for some reason you have rainbows shooting out of your ass, then feel free to skip my Sunday posts. But for the rest of the world that is weighed down by all the bad news and heart wrenching media, I invite you to tune in and have a laugh or maybe even a feel good cry.

I would love to hear from all of you as well about stories you may have heard throughout the week that made you smile or laugh or just made you feel like there is still some good left in the world!

So join me next Sunday with my very first, Sunday Coffee Corner!

Until next time,