Style: A way to say who you are, without having to speak

Dynamics of friend groups are hard. Too much alike and you just knock heads, too different and you have nothing to do or say. So where does the balance reside? I took a step back to analyze the personalities within my closest group of friends – and wow are we a complex crew! But somehow we all manage to work with one another. How? I can’t even tell you, and in all honesty we want to kill each other sometimes, but who would I be without them? I believe we are all made up of parts of the people we surround ourselves with. Influenced by those who we hold most dear, without even realizing it.

Each of my friends have wildly different personalities, and one of the most unique ways we as humans display these personalities are through our clothing. Clothes can mimic who you are as a person, and your dress gives people a very slight idea of who you are. So this blog is dedicated to that crazy crew of ladies I mentioned earlier, and how their styles reflect who they are underneath it all.

The Professional –

Classy, professional and direct, she is better than you and we all know it. She is the epitome of style and beauty and knows how to wrap men around her pretty little finger. Beautiful on the inside, but a holds people at a distance. Getting through her rough exterior is a challenge, but what lies underneath is more than worth it.


The Brain –

Incredible intelligence, a comforting smile and a drive to be better. Clothing item of choice? Sweat pants. Comfort is her aesthetic, but its also the way she makes you feel when you are in her presence. Comfortable and at ease, like being yourself is actually good enough. In the race of loyalty between her and my dog – its a photo finish.


The Jet Setter –

You can’t keep up with this one. Travel and adventure, style and sass, and always always always up for a good time. A European vibe emanates from her clothes while living life at 100 what the fucks per minute. If you don’t like her, well frankly she just doesn’t care. But if you are crazy enough to not want a part of her in your life, you are missing out on quite the adventure.


The Life of the Party –

Beer? Yep, she’s in! Karaoke? Hell yes! Conversations with new people at the bar? Probably her favorite thing. Style? Whatever the hell she feels like that day – but always accompanied by a smile. No one gets a party going like this one does. Full of life and a wit that can’t be matched, she can turn any occasion into a good time. Sulking in her presence just isn’t an option – So put a smile on and throw back another beer.


The Edgy Outcast –

Music obsessed, wears only black and grey with a hit of denim, and has a major love for cursing. While her exterior is dark and edgy, she blubbers like a baby at nearly everything, and her heart grows three sizes when she sees a puppy. Piercings and tattoos, with a love of any and all music, with an almost desperate need to be good enough for the people she loves.


The Effeminate Blonde –

Shades of pink and floral lace, with beautiful long blonde curls. While her exterior screams femininity, don’t let her fool you. Tough as nails and a sassy mouth accompany this one. Fierce as hell and a loyalty to her loved ones like no other. She can smile her way into your heart, but be careful, she can rip it out just as quickly.


The Free Spirit –

You will almost always find this one in a pair of vans, with an outfit that can quickly transition from casual to gym wear. She has a sense of humor that not everyone appreciates, with the purest heart of gold and an incredible knack for making you feel like the most important person in the room. She is absolutely stunning from the inside out – there is no one more pure on this planet, I can assure you.


I wasn’t kidding when I said we were a complex crew. When looking at these titles, you might not be screaming BEST FRIENDS! But I promise you, we are. There is a small part of each of them within me, and without them I would be a completely different person than I am today. I thank my lucky stars everyday that these gems are in my life.

Can you say the same? Taking a look at the people who surround you can give you incredible insight about who you are as a person. Do you like who your friends are? Do they inspire you? Make you a better human being? If the answer is no, maybe you should re-evaluate your relationships, because like it or not you are always being influenced.


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