A Well Read Woman Is A Dangerous Creature

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Books, books, books. A topic I could write about for pretty much, well… ever. As someone who loves to write, but lacks confidence in their ability to convey meaning, I have a major appreciation for the pro’s. The people whose words can move you to tears, make you actually laugh out loud, or take you to worlds that make you temporarily forget about your own reality.

Over my 22 years on this planet I have read hundreds of books. From fantasy, to thrillers, to teen dramas and love stories. My focus today is to talk about some of my all time favorites, and they are all a wide variety of different. Different genres, characters, focuses and themes. But they all have something in common, they all moved me in some sort of way.

My own personal definition of a really great book isn’t based on length, author or where it ranks on the New York Times best seller list. All that I need to fall in love with a book is to, as I stated before, have it move me in some way. I know they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and I also know that we generally aren’t even talking about books when we say this, but I am 100% guilty. For those of you who are better people than me and don’t care about the cover of a book, I applaud you. However I think I might be right in assuming that many of us won’t read the excerpt unless the cover pulls us in first. Which Is why I am a big fan of the editors of the following books, because if the covers of these novels hadn’t pulled me in, I might have missed out on some beautifully written masterpieces.

So today I am going to share some of my all time favorite books, and I would love to hear from all of you about what books left lasting impressions in your life. Without further ado, lets get started…

All The Missing Girls – 2016

Author – Megan Miranda

Genre – Psychological Thriller


This spellbinding tale takes place over a 15 day period, in which Nicolette Farrell returns to her hometown of Cooley Ridge, having left ten years earlier following the disappearance of her best friend Corinne. Back in town to take care of her sick father, Nic is thrown back into the drama that has haunted her past for the last 10 years. Following the lives of Nic, her brother Daniel, her ex boyfriend Tyler, Corinne’s boyfriend Jackson, and Annaleise Carter – the young girl who was their alibi the night Corinne Disappeared.

It seems they have all moved on with their lives. Daniel is now married and expecting a baby, Jackson works at the local bar, and Tyler is now dating Annaleise. But in a twisted turn of events, Annaleise herself goes missing just days after Nic’s return.

Told in reverse, from day 15 to day 1, Nic tries to solve the mystery behind what happened to Annaleise. But in her search she learns things about the people she loves, herself, and truths about what happened to Corinne all those years ago. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat with every passing chapter. Slowly giving you clues and new pieces of information while you try to solve the bigger picture. Megan Miranda’s unique writing style takes a hauntingly beautiful story and flips it on it’s head, creating a whimsical experience for every reader.

Favorite Quote – “If I were a monster, I’d pretend to be human”

Just Listen – 2006

Author – Sarah Dessen

Genre – Young Adult


The teenager in me lives for the nostalgia that comes with any Sarah Dessen novel. She was the God of my adolescent religion and I have read every book this novelistic genius has ever published. Now this isn’t an edge of your seat thriller, or a contemporary romance novel. It simply put, is a novel meant to make you realize what is important in life, and that sometimes all you need to do, is just listen.

Based around the life of Annabel, yesterday’s “It-girl”, and todays outcast. From one year to the next Annabel’s life has done a complete 180. No longer “The girl who has everything” – her family life is slowly imploding as she struggles to keep up with her modeling career and her sister’s struggle with anorexia. Deemed the schools outcast, the only person who even acknowledges her existence is Owen Armstrong.

Tall dark and brooding, Owen is obsessed with music and oddly enough, telling the truth. Which so happens to be the one thing that scares Annabel more than anything else. A reformed bad boy who believes that music and honesty will set you free, he shows Annabel a new perspective.

Favorite Quote – “Don’t think or judge, just listen”

Just Life – 2016

Author – Neil Abramson

Genre – Fiction


Samantha Lewis, dedicated veterinarian in New York City, runs a sanctuary for unwanted and abused dogs. Unlike some of the other shelters in the city, she has a no-kill policy, but everyday it gets harder for her to keep up operations. Things get even more complicated when an unknown virus begins to spread through the city, and experts can only assume the carrier is the animals, and more specifically dogs.

The governor calls for an immediate quarantine, where no dog can leave the area. Sam realizes that a quarantine could be the start of something much bigger, and the future for the dogs of New York becomes increasingly unclear.

Surrounded by a motley crew of support, her aging and loyal husky mix, a teen with a painful past, a pain in the ass ex psychologist, a local priest and a cop who is struggling to do the right thing, Sam rushes to find a cure, before its too late. Unfortunately that means dealing with demons of her past, and contacting the one person she vowed never to speak to again.

With shelters filling up more and more each day, Sam is in a race against the clock to find a cure and save the animals that once saved her. A heart wrenching tear jerker guaranteed to make all dog owners hold their pups a little closer. A must read for any animal lover.

Favorite Quote – “They were all seeking sanctuary. In this most fundamental respect, no being was superior to another. They were no less than equals”

We Were Liars – 2014

Author – E. Lockhart

Genre – Suspense/ Young Adult


I left this one for last, because this is my all time favorite book. Beautifully written and just the right amount of mystery. Filled with love, destruction, secrets and lies, this book has something for everyone. A twist ending that will keep you reading up until the very last page. It is hard to write a description without giving anything away, so I will just give you the excerpt from the book itself.

“A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.”

If I can leave you with anything on this post, it is to read this book if you haven’t already. Of all the books I have read in my life, this one left me speechless. Beautifully and incredibly speechless. A literal masterpiece that I could not put down, and even knowing how this thrilling novel ends, it has me coming back for more.

Favorite Quote – 

“Always do what you are afraid to do.

Do not accept and evil you can change.

Never eat anything bigger than your ass.

Be a little kinder than you have to.”


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