Vinyl Records – Hip? or Hipster?

I know some of you are probably concerned about that fact that I just used the word hip to describe something I genuinely deem cool… I swear I’m 22 and not 55 (No offense mom!). They say that everything makes a comeback at some point. We are continually recycling ideas, movies, fashion trends and now platforms for music. I will first start this blog saying that music is, to be totally cliche, the beat of my life. Cheesy, I know! But the simple fact is that this is truth. If you are one of those psycho paths who drives in dead silence, well I frankly just don’t have time for you. Harsh but true, because you are passing up one of the most incredible forms of expression that this world has to offer.

However, your complete lack of taste is not what I’m here to talk about today. Today I want to talk about Vinyl records. This is one of those trends I mentioned that has come back into style. But there are quite a few people who find the whole thing barbaric, and while I disagree with you, you aren’t totally wrong. In our society today we are so plugged in and have access to more music than ever before. With endless streaming services; pandora, apple music, spotify, etc. The list goes on and on – there are literally thousands upon thousands of songs at our fingertips. So who in their right mind would choose to play one single artist on repeat on a spinning wheel in a box that seems to only take up space? Me! Thats who! And no I would not generalize myself as a hipster. What? you listen to vinyls and you aren’t a hipster? Yes, shockingly enough you don’t have to be a fake glasses wearing, expensive coffee buying, music festival attending human to listen to such a music platform.

I won’t give you the bullshit speech about how I think it sounds better than digital music, because to be frank, I honestly don’t. There are probably some of you who do believe that and hey, thats your porogative babe. But me as an individual does not believe this. The reason that I collect these spinning vinyl discs is for pure enjoyment purposes. I love going to the record store and just looking through stack after stack of old used records. And then every once and awhile you come across a literal freaking gem and it makes your whole damn day. In truth I mostly buy brand new vinyls because I like the experience of unwrapping that plastic sleeve and revealing the wonder beneath. Super over exaggerated I know, but for those of you who know what I’m talking about, its honestly euphoric. When my favorite band releases a new album you bet your ass I am buying it on every platform that I have available. I pre-order that shit on apple music, and then proceed to listen to it on replay until I know every word of every song, I buy the vinyl and I even still buy CD’s. I know what you are thinking, CD’s? Really Allie? But hey, if history is anything to go by, those suckers will be making a comeback at some point – maybe not, but I do it anyway! My point here is that music doesn’t only have to be on our phones. There is something to be said about having a physical copy of something. Something you can hold onto, that holds memories.

When you hear certain songs it can take you back to memories that are so vivid its like they are playing out right in front of you. How incredible is that? That our brains can make literal pathways that connect songs to memories. Its fascinating. Truly. This is the reason that I adore my records. To have something playing softly in the background at all times is to ensure your memories are frozen in time. I understand that you can play music through speakers and what not, but there is something better about holding literal music in your hands. I don’t understand how it works, and I really don’t want to. The simple fact of not knowing is as close to magic as I can get. And I love every single second of it.

Of course I still use my music on my phone and am one of the thousands of people that use a streaming service… (that I may or may not be still paying a student price for even though I graduated) shh don’t tell anyone! Because as a music lover I find it impossible to go anywhere without it. As I stated before, if you listen to dead silence in the car, I’m almost convinced you are a serial killer, and while I love my vinyls we all know its just not practical to bring that thing with you on your drive. So from a convenience standpoint, I’m with you on the fact that its just easier to have it on your phone. But from a passionate music lover standpoint, I encourage you to give it a shot, you might be surprised at how fun it can be!

But in all reality don’t be the person that judges another person and calls them a hipster or some other stupid name because they have vinyls. Seriously don’t be that asshole – lets get rid of the stigma. It’s not just trendy, its fun and unique too! So the answer to the article question, hip? or hipster? well I guess thats up to you!


    1. Allie

      Thank you! I am struggling to figure out what my brand is, but for now I am going to just write about things I’m passionate about and decide in the future what I want my niche to be! I appreciate all feedback!

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  1. Martina

    I LOVE vinyl records, for me they will always be cool. I agree that they don’t necessarily sound better than digital music – they’re just different, they reflect their original context…but I still love them!
    Good on you for opening a blog…I struggled with it for ages as well (who’s going to read it? What if I’m not good enough? Etc. etc.) and opened one about a month ago!

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