“What if?” or “Why not?”

Well folks, I did it! I finally pulled the trigger and entered the world wide web of blogging. Why now? Some of you might ask. I would like to say that I had a sudden epiphany with what my blog should be and that I felt that I as a person could really appeal to people (But who actually thinks like that? Not me). My honest answer is that I am scared to death. What if no one reads this, what if people judge me, and no one actually gives a shit about what I have to say? Putting yourself out there is scary, and being real and raw opens me up to opinions about me as a person and my character – and we all know how brutal people on the internet can be. So why would I open myself up to all the negativity, sounds like something only an idiot would attempt. But as all of these negative thoughts are rolling around in my hyperactive brain, I start to realize that maybe it doesn’t actually matter what you or anyone else thinks (No offense!). Isn’t that what we tell ourselves and others all the time? Just be yourself and fuck what the rest of the world thinks? We literally say these things on a daily basis, but rarely do we ever follow through. Why? How many times have we “what if’d” ourselves out of something? I know, I know, that I am asking you all a lot of questions, but I think they are important to ask. That single phrase, “what if”, can talk us out of nearly everything. But what if we decided to shift the mindset, how would our lives change?

My goal here is to shift MY mindset. I have gone over and over in my head whether or not I should start a blog, and every time those negative thoughts come racing through my head and I never before pulled the trigger. Until now. Instead of saying “what if” I started saying, “why not”. Why not just give it a go and see if even one single person has any shits to give about what I have to say. Why not see if there are other people out there who just want a real and honest, sometimes crude, account of an event, or a review of a new album, or even advice on a sticky situation. Why not see where this can take me?

After shifting the mindset and finally deciding to start this blog, I realized that for me it wouldn’t matter if no one sees this or if people hate what I have to say. This is an outlet for me to share my passions and maybe vent when things aren’t going the way I planned. Who doesn’t love a good vent session right? Maybe this can be a place for others to vent too, a place to share whatever the hell is going on in your life and my dumb ass could maybe even help you solve it. I am not a therapist or a psychologist or any other form of a medical professional. I am just a student-loan-debt-paying, twenty something, vulgar female with too many thoughts and opinions in my head to keep locked up. I’m honest and direct, and what I say will hopefully wake you up, to new ways of thinking, new music, new experiences, new people, like a cup of strong coffee.

I have no idea if this is how a blog post is supposed to work or if any of you have even made it to the bottom of this page. I am scared out of my mind even now as I sit at my computer writing this blog. But this is me, honest, real and raw. Some of you might not like me or my opinions or my love of a good curse word, but what if some of you do?

As I end my very first blog I leave you with one final question, why not?


  1. Mrs.S LDN

    Hey!!! Welcome to the blogging world!! Hope your loving it as much as I do!! Also…. I’m not everyone’s cup of tea‚Ķ But I drink coffee so fuck them! Epic!! For sure made me look around and find out more!!! Good luck xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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